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Refresh Consulting provides a cost effective alternative to businesses who do not have full-time IT/Networking support staff.  Through our “On-Call”  support and regular scheduled maintenance we can keep you business IT/Networking systems running efficiently. Refresh Consulting can help you keep your system hardware running smoothly.  We have the experience and equipment to install, upgrade, or troubleshoot your IT/Networking hardware.  Today's software can be complicated.  Refresh Consulting has extensive experience with the most common business software.  We can help you keep your staff’s computer systems up and operating efficiently. 


Refresh Consulting designs, builds, and installs custom quality servers.  We took a different approach for competing with major brand builders, instead of cutting corners in quality... we decided to build servers out of the best equipment available on the market.  Sure we offer a warranty but when we create a server for you we have a goal in mind to make that server so it never needs the warranty.  Don't get us wrong, our prices are extremely competitive, but at the same time we do not risk excellence for profit. We specialize in custom servers featuring Microsoft Server Software.  Our servers use the best hardware and are very cost competitive.  We are also experts with Microsoft Exchange Server. We have extensive experience with virtualized applications such as VMWare.

Managed Services

Refresh Consulting provides complete Managed Service Plans.  The best way to prevent down time and operate in an efficient manner (lowest cost) is through proactive network and computer support.

As well as proactive support, through a Managed Services Plan your company can be guaranteed immediate response if an IT issue does occur.  These important services include services such as:

- Monitoring of Server and Data Backups
- Monitoring of Software Patching
- Monitoring of Security Software (Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam)
- Regular Security Monitoring and Audits
- Employee Best Practices Training
- Hardware Monitoring
- Disaster Recovery Planning

Refresh Consulting can develop a complete Managed Service Plan for your business at your request. 


Network Security

With the significant growth of the Internet, businesses face ever-growing security threats. We specialize in assisting companies in securing their networks through proper network design, implementation, and policies. This includes the installation and maintenance of effective hardware firewalls, implementation of anti-virus solutions as well as secure methods of remote access. Protecting your networks against unauthorized access is critical to your business and we specialize in the latest  practices to assure your data is safe from intruders.




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